West Oaks Church of God Newsletter for May 23, 2021

The Only Way

David Jeremiah wrote that several years ago he had the privilege of meeting Billy Graham's grandson, Will, and to hear him preach. He gave him an idea of what it was like to be the grandson of Billy Graham. Will told David that "Everyone wants to meet me and as soon as they meet me, I discover they don't really want to meet me, but they want me to help them meet my grandfather." Will Graham humorously remarked that "The Bible says the way the father is through the son, not through the grandson."

Jesus' words in John 14:6 clearly teaches the exclusive, one-way nature of salvation. Jesus is the one and only way, the one and only truth, and the one and only life. David Jeremiah writes that "If that is narrow-minded, so be it. I'm happy to be narrow-minded if that's what God is because this is His truth, not mine."


Remember to pray for Barbara Minger, Ruby Messer, Fred Robinson, Sherylyn and Duane Boykin, Janet Parlier, Jackie Freeman, Nathan Thompson, our pastor and pastor's wife, and our West Oaks Academy.

  • --Last week 38 students graduated from our school.
  • --Last Sunday was Baccalaureate for the students and Pastor was the speaker. Each of the graduates came to the front and announced their name and what they planned to do after graduation.
  • --Rev. Carl Allen and Jewel Allen, who attended our services when living in Florida, moved permanently back to Fish River, Alabama. We will miss their presence in our services and look forward to their visits.
  • --Want to watch a good Christian movie on Netflix this week? Here are some of the best Christian films showing now. God Calling, Nothing to Lose, An Interview with God, Never Heard, Like Arrows, Same Kind of Different As Me.

Wit and Wisdom
  • **It's better to be straight than smart.
  • **The one thing that children can wear out faster than shoes is parents.
  • **When everybody attends to his own business, news is scarce.
  • **A misspent youth may result in a tragic old age.
  • **Preachers find more sleeping sickness than the physician does.
  • **Great men have convictions, ordinary men have only opinions.
  • **The surest rule for a long life is to get somebody else to do the worrying for you.
  • **Life insurance very often is the last thing on earth a man wants but it's too late then.
  • **The four most important words in any marriage are "I'll do the dishes."