West Oaks Church of God Newsletter for July 17, 2022


The Pacific Northwest witnessed a cataclysm unlike anything our nation had seen for generations.Old Harry was a stubborn man. He had become a legend in the Pacific Northwest. Though he was warned repeatedly that his life was in jeopardy, he just laughed. He lived at the base of a quiet mountain. At least, the mountain had been quiet for 123 years. Sometimes she stirred to spit cinder and ash or drool lava from her cavernous crater.

But Mt. Saint Helens was seething inside, ready to unleash her force upon unbelieving admirers. On March 27th a ranger heard what he thought was a sonic boom. Weeks passed. Some were impatient with geologists' negative reports and lost concern of anything ever happening and quit listening to them.

When Sheriffs' deputies ordered residents to leave for safety, Harry said, "I'm living my life alone. I've got food for 15 years, and I'm sitting high on the hog." May 18, 1980, the mountain exploded & hurled rock and ash 14 miles high. The force of the blast flattened trees, uprooting and smashing them like dominoes. Mud flooded the rivers and transformed the beautiful mountain into a charred landscape. The mountain's vengeance was 500 times greater than the nuclear bomb that leveled Hiroshima.

The warnings were over: no time to run and no one ever saw Harry again. A scary story? Yes - and more. It is also a true picture of how people stubbornly refuse to listen to the truth, because their minds prideful. Jesus is coming soon and it may not be at this moment - but can't you feel the earth trembling? Warning signs are all around us and the Bible tells us of these warnings, yet so many people are unconcerned and go about living their life any way they want.


Pray for Teresa Parlier, Len Hayles, Cephas and Billie Ann Goodman, Peaches, Jackie Freeman, Patty Bulcharan, Pastor and our West Oaks Academy students and teachers.

  • --Our Pastor's wife, Teresa, will be undergoing surgery this next week and needs our prayers. Her daughter will be coming to be with her.
  • --Melba and Jackie have a list for people to sign if they would like to bring a dish to Pastor and family during Teresa's recovery.
  • --So good to have Junie Wilson back with us in church. She had moved to Jacksonville for a time and now is back in Orlando.
  • --We all enjoyed seeing Rebeccah(Barb's mom) baptised in water 2 weeks ago.
  • --Linnette, our greeter, just celebrated her ? Birthday this past week and her two daughters came from New York to help her celebrate.
  • --Karyn Boatwright is with us this morning from Michigan. She flew in to be with her mom for cataract surgery.
  • --Remember to fill your Orphan banks for the orphans around the world. Our Mission Department makes sure the money goes to help feed and clothe the children in all our orphanages around the world. (Even have orphanages in Ukraine where they have helped orphans escape from Russian invasions.)

  • **Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.
  • **God always makes round faces. We are the ones who make long faces.
  • **It is not where we are but what we are that makes our happiness.
  • **The church is not a select circle for special people but a home for the outcast.
  • **We often go wrong by debating with God instead of waiting on God.
  • **When a door slams behind you, look for the one God is opening before you.
  • **When our business is to do the will of God, He will take care of the business.
  • **There is no law against being polite, even when you aren't running for office.
  • **Faith either removes mountains or tunnels through.
  • **You can't be down in the mouth and up on your toes at the same time.