West Oaks Church of God Newsletter for July 24, 2022


The stories of Navy SEAL training are legendary - perhaps the most demanding of any military branch. Why do the SEALS (along with the Army Ranger, Deltas, Special Forces, and others) endure such rigorous training? So that trainees will count the cost before committing. So they will be faithful in the heat of battle. It's why the Marine Corps motto is Semper Fidelis- "Always Faithful."

Faithfulness. It's at the heart of every mission statement - military, business, family, or church. The apostle Paul said only one thing is required of stewards; to be faithful. Paul was a steward of Christ's commission to take the Gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 26:17-18). But of what is every Christian a steward? The Great Commission, to begin with (Matthew 28:19-20). But also, we are stewards of the love and grace of God that has been poured into us by the Spirit (Romans 5:5). Such love and grace ws given at great cost - the life of Jesus Himself.

Jesus warned the crowds that followed Him to count the cost before committing (Luke 14:25-33). Once committed, faithfulness is all that matters. Authentic Christians are true stewards; true stewards are faithful forever. I Corinthian 4:2 Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.


Pray for Teresa Parlier, Linnette Gayle, Ray Minger, Clinton Scott, Len Hayles, Cephas and Billie Ann Goodman, Jackie Freeman, Patty Bucharan, Pastor and wife.

  • --Thank you everyone for your prayers for Teresa who is now home recovering from surgery.
  • --Kathy and Janette will be leaving to go to a family reunion in Virginia.
  • --Glenda has been visiting her mom and sister in Virginia for the last few weeks.
  • --Shirley and Melba are in Tennessee to be with their cousin who just started pastoring in a new church.
  • --This next week the General Assembly will be held in San Antonio, Texas July 25-29. If you go to you can see the services.

  • *Your needy friend may someday be a friend indeed.
  • *He who ceases to be your friend never was a good one.
  • *When you give someone a cup of milk, don't skim it.
  • *The Lord takes notice, not only of what we give but of what we have left.
  • *Let your home face toward the Father's house.
  • *Home is the chief school of human virtues.
  • *When a man begins to amass wealth, it is a question whether God is going to gain a fortune or lose a man.
  • *Many modern homes are merely filling stations.
  • *You haven't begun to give until you feel glad over it.
  • *You may give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.
  • *The love of heaven makes one heavenly.
  • *He never rises high who does not know how to kneel.
  • *A good violinist is one with ability to play first fiddle and a willingness to play second.