West Oaks Church of God Newsletter for September 05, 2021


Seventh grader Journey Bowman wanted to make a difference in her school, so she started the POP, or Power of Positivity program. She began putting positive and creative notes on the lockers of other students. "I wanted to write positive notes to make a difference in someone's day," she said, "In turn, they might also choose to make a difference in someone else's day."

And that's what happened. In the last school session before the coronavirus shutdown, one young man "who was not always very optimistic" wrote as many notes as he could, while another student, "who was very shy" also expressed herself in writing. The notes were anonymous, but the project changed the atmosphere of the school.

Moses wasn't able to cross the Jordan and lead Israel to conquer the Promised Land, but he had a vital assignment. He was to encourage and strengthen Joshua, his successor. The support and encouragement of others help us cultivate our dreams.

Put the POP into someone's life today with a word or note of encouragement!

Deuteronomy 3:28
But command Joshua, and encourage him and strengthen him; for he shall go over before this people, and he shall cause them to inherit the land which you will see.


Pray for Len Hayles, Barbara Minger, Ruby Messer, Jackie Freeman, Jewel Allen, Skip Glover, our pastor and wife, and our West Oaks Academy teachers and students.

  • --Troy, one of our guitarists, has moved to Tallahassee to take a better position in the company he works for. He promised to come back and see us at least once a month as this is his church family.
  • --Trail Life USA has seen a 70% increase in new members while the Boy Scouts have declined 43%. Trail Life USA's mission is to guide generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others and experience outdoor adventure.
  • --After 17 nights and 18 days, Canadian pastor Tim Stephens walked away from his Calgary, Alberta, Canada, jail cell and, with tears in his eyes, delivered a heartfelt sermon in which he urged congregants not to fear taking a stand for Christ. He was arrested June 14 after his underground church met for the second week in a row following the shutdown of its campus for violating province COVID-19 rules.

  • **There is one consolation about life and taxes, when you finish, you're through with the other.
  • **Contentment is a mark of the godly.
  • **Reputation is not to be valued above character.
  • **Resentment eats like poison and there is no human remedy for it.
  • **What happens if you get scared half to death, twice?
  • **Debt is about the only thing you can acquire without money.
  • **He who falls in love with himself will have no rivals.
  • **Some people never do anything on time except buy.
  • **Four of the most common bugs are: June, Tumble, Lady & Hum.
  • **As you age, what you lose in elasticity, you gain in wisdom...and I think it's a real good trade-off.
  • **A penny saved is not nearly enough.