West Oaks Church of God Newsletter for October 31, 2021


Many young people today can't imagine trying to find their way without the assistance of GPS in their cars and on their phones. The days of unfolding printed maps as we drive or stopping to ask for directions at some store, is past. Those of us who are Christians are like modern users of GPS: we can't remember a day without the guidance of the Bible in our lives. Trying to navigate through life with no directions, no markers, no signs, no moral or spiritual boundaries to ensure we stay on the right path - seems impossible for those of us who depend on God's Word.

Paul, in teaching the Word to the people of Antioch, was so successful in teaching, that people began calling these believers by the name of Christ Himself - Christ - ones, or Christians.

The psalmist put it best, calling God's Word a "lamp" and a "light" for our path. In the psalmist's day, a small oil lamp only illuminated a few feet of the path at night. And it can be that way with Scripture. We know which steps to take today by trusting that our steps will become clearer as we walk by faith.

Make God's Word your trusted source for guidance and direction by studying it daily and obeying it continually Psalm 119:105 Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.


Pray for Len Hayles, Rebeccah Williams, Barbara Minger, Ruby Messer, Beverly Tingler (Henry Messer's nephew's wife), Tom Sr. Parlier, Jackie Freeman, Cephas and Billie Ann Goodman, Skip Glover, our pastor and wife, and our West Oaks Academy teachers and students.

  • --A few ladies met this past Thursday at noon at the newly named Catfish House in Apopka (new owners and now called Naute Lobstah) for a good time of fellowship. Another lunch time will be in a couple of weeks so watch for the time and place in the bulletin.
  • --So nice to see Jackie out at church last Sunday and to know she is doing better. Remember Jackie's son in prayer as he is facing an implant.
  • --Be sure and turn your clocks back before next Sunday so you won't forget to come to church at the right time.
  • --Don't forget to watch The Chosen on TBN: Season Two

  • **The older you get the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.
  • **Those who fear the future aare likely to fumble the present.
  • **The rising generation is too fond of sitting.
  • **In an Atomic war, all men will be cremated equal.
  • **The only thing to bring down blessings from God is faith.
  • **All good things are comprised in one, a life of faith in the Son of God.
  • **Faith sees a way when reason would despair.
  • **Bible verses will save you from spiritual reverses.
  • **What if we used our Bibles like our cell phones?
    • a. carried it with us
    • b. turned back to get if if we forgot it
    • c. checked it for messages throughout the day
    • d. used it in case of an emergency
  • **Unless there be in us that which is above us, we shall be overcome by that which is around us.