West Oaks Church of God Newsletter for February 25, 2024


During her father's funeral, Anne Graham Lotz told the audience the prophetic significance behind the date of Billy Graham's death. "When he died, that was something very strategic from heaven's point of view: I know that before the foundations of the world were laid, February 21, 2018 was the date that God chose to take my father home. Why?" She had discovered that February 21 is the day Jews focus on the Scripture reading that deals with the death of Moses. "Moses was the great liberator, Lotz said, "He brought millions of people out of bondage to sin, and got us to the edge of heaven, the edge of the promised land, and God has called him home. And could it be that God is going to bring Joshua into the promised land and lead us into heaven? In the New Testament, "Joshua" is translated as 'Jesus.'

"I believe this is a shot across the bow of heaven, and I believe God is saying, Wake up, church! Wake up Anne! Jesus is coming. Jesus is coming," Lotz said. "Jesus said that when the gospel is preached to the whole world as it is today in this service, as it is through churches, missionaries, ministries, Jesus said in Matthew 24:14, when the gospel is preached, then the end will come." After her eulogy-turned-sermon, Twitter was ablaze with praise for the woman Graham called the best preacher in the family.


Donna Scott, Stacey Bobbitt, Meina (Linnette's sister), Dave & Debbie Whitten's daughter, Sheralyn Boynton, Cephas & Billie Ann Goodman. Pray for our Pastor & wife, our teachers, and our West Oaks Academy.

Also pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel.

  • --Welcome back Pastor and Teresa and hope you enjoyed getting with family. You were missed but everyone did a great job covering for you.
  • --Brother Minger preached for Pastor last Sunday and after the service at the altar call, Nancy Mosher gave her heart to the Lord. Nancy enjoys our church singing and preaching each Sunday and she and her husband Gary have been very faithful in attendance. If you have yet to meet Nancy and Gary who are from Zellwood Station, please do so.
  • -- Each year, more than 810,000 seasonal travelers flock to Florida to escape the cold. Often called snowbirds, these travelers are typically retirees or remote workers who spend the winter months enjoying the white sand beaches and warm weather of the Sunshine State
  • --Each year, more than 3.5 billion birds migrate to Florida to escape the cold.
  • --Spring is a tangible way in which we see how our lives are changed by God's grace. All around us, the "dead" is "coming back to life" and growing, by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

  • ** Try to make the world laugh; it already has enough to cry about.
  • **Happiness is enjoying what you have instead of fretting over what you don't have.
  • **Life insurance keeps you poor all your life so you can die rich.
  • **The modern girl's hair looks like a mop, but that doesn't worry her because she doesn't know what a mop looks like.
  • **Men and sandpaper do their best work if they have a lot of grit.
  • **Home is a man's refuge, a place of quiet and rest, says a certain writer. That's true except for the telephone, the children, the floor sweeper, and the doorbell.
  • **The most exercise some people get is running up bills.
  • **You always hear about the man who hit the jackpot, but the fellows who built it up are unknown.
  • **Genuine faith is assuring, insuring, and enduring.