West Oaks Church of God Newsletter for September 25, 2022


On two occasions in the Bible, God prepared scroll food for his prophets. The first was when He gave Ezekiel a scroll with writings on both sides, probably because the Lord had so much to say. Ezekiel ate it and found it as sweet as honey, though the message included words of judgment for Judah. It was still God's Word, and, as one commentary says, "the sweetness came from the source of the words."

The apostle John had a similar experience in Revelation 10:11. His scroll, too, tasted as sweet as honey.

The Bible is often compared to food, to bread, to milk, to meat, and to nourishment. It is the proper diet for the inner self, and it's necessary to keep us from spiritual starvation. People today are starving for spiritual truth, but many aren't even aware they are hungry. There is a famine of the hearing of the Word of God (Amos 8:11).

One of the best ways to stimulate the appetite of others is letting them see how much you enjoy your daily bread. Read it frequently. Quote it often. Trust it always. An find every opportunity to share the Bread of Life with others.

Revelation 10:9 So I went to the angel and said to him, "Give me the litte book." And he said to me, "Take and eat it."


Pray for Teresa Parlier, Linnette Gayle, Donna Scott, Len Hayles, Cephas & Billie Ann Goodman, Rev. Gene Rice, Jackie Freeman, Patty Bucharan. Remember also to pray for our Pastor and the West Oaks School.

  • --Shirley Davis will be coming home soon and caring for Jackie as she recovers from her upcoming knee surgery.
  • --Studies show more than half of the world's population is online. The internet is a prime vehicle for the Gospel.
  • --Siuce 1975, over three million refugees have come to the USA. The world has come to our door, and what an excellent chance to tell people about the Savior! In a sense, we can be a witness "to the uttermost parts of the earth" while still living in our "Jerusalem".

  • **Out of difficulties grow miracles.
  • **Turn your mess into a message.
  • **Fears, not years, make us old.
  • **Death is not your termination but your transition.
  • **Without God, life has no purpose and without purpose, life has no meaning.
  • **You weren't put on earth to be remembered. You were put here to prepare for eternity.
  • **The world owes us nothing - it was here first.
  • **No man ever got lost on a straight road.
  • **Learn to enjoy little things - there are so many of them.
  • **Quiet people aren't the only ones who don't say much.
  • **Sin is not inherited, but it is contagious.
  • **He who indulges, bulges.
  • **Live prayerfully, the life you save may be your own.