Living As A Prayer

Prayer is like breathing. It becomes oxygen to our spirit. When we pray, we feel alive and connected to God. In prayer, we can distinguish his voice and encounter the realm he lives in. Prayer takes the dryness out of our souls and releases refreshing rivers into our world. It is not just something we do for a few minutes here and there.

We integrate prayer into our lifestyle and make our lives a living prayer.

Jennifer Eivaz, The Intercessors Handbook.

Perhaps we are not walking in this place of intentionality...yet. But I am fully persuaded that our hearts are truly committed to moving forward to this goal, both individually and corporately. As we carefully steward and cultivate this divine goal with purpose, here are some points upon which we can focus.

1. GOD IS FOR YOU. God highly values all that you submit in faith to Him. Your faith and faithfulness please Him. Forget past experiences where you felt disappointed or hurt. Perhaps you may have felt overlooked or met with indifference. Jeremiah 29:11 assures us that He has a hope and a plan for our future so this is where our focus must be.

2. The Word of God is always the final word, as it is and without our personal interpretations. We can know and be fully satisfied that his word is much more sufficient than our personal feelings.

3. When ministering as an intercessor, we cannot interject our own personal opinions and feelings, no matter how well meaning we are. We must resist the impulse to rescue and fix the issues and problems according to our own rationalization and understanding. The enemy can and will get an advantage of us if we step out of the provision of protection we have while operating by the leading of the Holy Spirit instead of in our flesh.

4. We must respond promptly to the leading of the Spirit by agreeing with and acting on what we have heard. See James 1:22-24. Faith, by its very nature, responds with action. That is what transforms our hope to faith.

5. We must overcome distractions that keep us from fulfilling our call to prayer. We cannot fulfill our call if we opt out by settling for less or making excuses. Some distractions that might sideline us are

  • Giving in to moods, hurts, insecurities or pride
  • Inconsistency in behavior, actions, intentions or discipline.
  • Not balancing our responsibilities, such as our families and our jobs.
  • Health or aging challenges. We must do our part to maintain good health, such as resting, healthy activity, good nutrition, and regular temple maintenance. Remember, a robust prayer life will energize and activate not only our spirits, but also our bodies.
6. Prayer is like the currency of the kingdom. If you are prayer-less, you become spiritually bankrupt and without access to the resources of heaven. Those who choose to live a life without prayer essentially forfeit their authority in the Kingdom of God.   We have begun to see a significant shift in the flow of the Holy Spirit in our own lives as well as in the Body of Christ generally. Our hearts acknowledge His calling voice and we are responding with enthusiasm and obedience. It's so good to be us, right?

Shirley Davis
Shirley Davis is a devout believer in the love and grace of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Gost. She states "My heart is always full of my faith and my family. I am so grateful to have God's love and blessing over my life".

She also says that she has the ... "honor to be the the wife, mother, grandmother, sister, cousin and friend to some amazing people!"